habbl for forwarder, forwarding agencies and transport carrier.

Makes processes digital.

  • Significant cost reduction by digitization of processes.
  • Orders displayed directly on the driver's smartphone.
  • Control of all processes through one central platform.

No frills.
Only take the functions you need.

Comprehensive transparency alongside the supply chain.

The habblAPP is a mobile logistics solution, which offers a comprehensive transparency alongside the supply chain to every logistics service provider, forwarder and recipient.

The habblAPP:

brings together interests.

Reliability for forwarder, sustainability for logistics service provider, relief for employees: paperless data communication in real-time brings transparency into all processes. The digitization integrates the client and the service partner into the procedure. The tremendous usability of the habblAPP creates acceptance among the employees.

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The Workflow-Designer:

free configuration of processes.

Use habbl without any programming knowledge only by configuring elements in the graphical Workflow-Designer. Configure all logistic processes like assembly-, service department-, yard- and quality management processes. For the individual workflow, a vast number of elements are available.

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The habblPORTAL:

the joint communication platform.

Systems and processes are seamlessly connected into one central platform, the habblPORTAL. By using the Order Management, forwarding agents, subcontractors, shippers and customers can assign, audit, dispose and forward orders, waybills and tours. The interactive map shows the current position and lane of the own vehicle fleet. The data of subcontractors can also be displayed, but it needs authorization by the subcontractor. The arrival monitor gives a quick overview of the allocated time frames, the estimated time of arrival and the actual time of arrival.

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The habblAPP brings together interests.

The mobile app for all logistic processes.

With the habblAPP all logistic processes such as the collection, the transshipment and the distribution can be organized and realized. The habblAPP is a modular and freely configurable logistics app. The interaction of the elements inside the app and the connected portal allows the process owner to react on every requirement of the market. The workflow can be mapped in every desired language. Therefore, even international mixed drivers can work with the system. No more language barriers while calling. The free defined processes, such as the delivery-, or the collection process, which are created in the habblPORTAL, are sent to the habblAPP, where they get processed by driver or subcontractor. Thus, a straightforward networking and collaboration with subcontractors is possible.

Perfect for the shipper.

For the shipper, the delivery reliability is a critical success factor. habbl cares about optimal running traffic streams. In that way, the goods are at the right place at the right time.

Perfect for logistics service provider.

With habbl, forwarder, carrier, parcel services and courier companies behave as reliable affiliates. The digitized processes get companies fit for the future. All information about the load and unload, the refuel process or the departure checks are always available for evaluation.

Perfect for the driver.

The habblAPP eases the daily workflow of the driver or even the warehouse staff in an enormous way. The app is simple, quick and intuitive to use and in the respective native language available. Pre-defined workflows have to be processed systematically.

The Workflow-Designer: free configuration of processes.

For the illustration and definition of the workflows, a vast number of elements are available.

No need to click through uncountable menus for the driver to conduct the demanded actions. The given workflow can be executed consecutively. Thus, adjustments on the common operations can be circumvented easier.

  • Check Lists

    Structuring of data and procedures through the use of individual check lists e.g. for departure- and quality surveillance.

  • Status Message

    Manual or automated setting and transmitting of freely configurable statuses. By the rules, only the next possible status can be released to the driver.

  • Call

    Order related digital control of the telephonic communication between the driver, the disposal and the customer. Every call is logged with an outcome dialogue.

  • Bar Code Scan

    Scanning of 1D and 2D bar codes at the delivery, collection and handling of labelled packages or articles. Each scan can be ascertained with a defined status code.

  • Content Display

    Transmitting and displaying of several media like instructions, site plans, journey plans or videos.

  • GPS

    Real time tracking of the own vehicle fleet. Subcontractors are visible while active tours. Position based actions are possible thanks to Geo-Fencing.

  • Decision Tree

    Decisions made easy. Support of the driver for several documentations such as loading- and unloading processes or damage documentation.

  • Toggle

    The begin and the end of an event can be registered with a toggle element. The element knows two statuses (on/off). Used for breaks, traffic jam or other types of disruption on the tour.

  • Chat

    In case of vehicle standstill, order related communication between dispatcher and driver is possible through the integrated chat.

  • Photo Function

    For the documentation of load securing, damages or scans of signed original vouchers. All pictures are saved in the tour and the respective order.

  • External Link

    Integration and display of hyperlinks to websites or deep links to micro sites. Each with a preview of the content.

  • Navigation

    Call of your preferred navigation app and handover of the target location into the navigation app for the route planning.

  • Multiple Choice

    Selection dialogue for freely configurable questions and answers. Only one answer can be ticked for each question.

  • User Input

    Input of text and numbers. Content can be preset in the workflow. Used for the registration of bridge numbers, mileages, fuel quantity or data for the driver debriefing.

  • Signature

    Capture of signatures at every moment in the workflow. Used for driver instructions, POD, cargo substitution. The signature can directly be pasted into a PDF.

  • Cargo Exchange

    Increase of transparency and improvement of the documentation of the cargo exchange. Can be combined with “Photo Function” and “Signature”.

  • Call of Intent

    Easy call of external apps. By this way it can be defined, which apps are allowed to use by the driver in habbl.

habblPORTAL – the joint communication platform.

The control center to enable a fast entrance into the habbl world.

The habblPORTAL is the control center of every habbl module and element. Beside the maintenance of the necessary core data for users and roles, it’s the central platform for forwarders, subcontractors, shippers and customers. It’s used for the allocation, examination, disposal, view and redirection of orders, waybills and tours and the emerging status messages. For a fast entrance into the habbl world, every process such as order installation and tour disposition can take place without interfaces at the habblPORTAL.

Workflow Designer

The highlights at a glance

  • Workflows can be mapped rule based.
  • Processes are freely configurable.
  • By the rules, only process step related elements are displayed to the driver.
  • No need for the driver to click through innumerable menus.
  • Very low training and education time.
  • Easy, sequential processing of the workflow by the driver in the app.

Interactive Map

The highlights at a glance

  • Overview of the current position of the own and foreign vehicles on a map.
  • Live tracking of the traffic lanes and fetch of the history always possible for every vehicle.
  • Search- and filter function on forwarder, dispatcher, driver and tour.
  • Display of the position of the vehicle of active tours.
  • Display of status information for vehicles or driver with active tours.

Status Monitor

The highlights at a glance

  • Display of the arrival time of the order or the ramptime reservation system.
  • Automatic calculation and display of the estimated time of arrival.
  • Disruptions on the tour (traffic jam, breaks, defects, …) can be considered with a respective workflow.
  • The actual time of arrival at the target location is saved.
  • Report of the reliability respectively deviations of estimated arrival times to the actual arrival time.

Ramptime Reservation

The highlights at a glance

  • Optimal planning and controlling of the processes for loading and unloading.
  • Effective use of the time frames on the ramps and the required human resources.
  • Less idle time and distributed workload at the ramps.
  • In case of a vehicle being late, another truck can be preferred.

Order Management

The highlights at a glance

  • Central overview of all order- and tour data.
  • List view of the positions and packages with detailed information.
  • Status messages and information of all realized transports.
  • Overview of the status of the tour.
  • Manual and automated acquisition through the interface of orders and tours.
  • Manual or automated disposition on devices.


The highlights at a glance

  • Export data in several formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, ...).
  • Graphical processing of the status messages, actions and pictures.
  • Automated preparation of waybills, delivery- or pallet notes.
  • Reports of complete or missing equipment.
  • Reports of idle- or loading times.
  • Documentation of the reliability.
  • Array of adherence to schedules and deviation.

We are not only offering you the leading logistics solutions.
Together, we make your company unique and successful.

Three steps to Success.

Beside the app development, we are offering you an extensive service for optimizing and mapping of your business processes. To guide you optimaly, we want to understand, how your company works. Thereto, we develop the central workflows together with you and support you to integrate the software into your company and to establish it at your staff.

Systematicall preparation for a perfect start.


During the workshop, the parameters of the habbl introduction are recorded, structured and documented. We determine your individual features and requirements. Obviously, the analysis of your IT infrastructure is a part of it.

That’s the way, habbl is controlling your processes trouble-free.

Product Implementation / Introduction

With our knowledge, we support you with the product introduction and we help you to implement habbl soon and respective to your expectations. We keep the overview and we are your contact for all stakeholders of the project.
Furthermore, we help you to create conclusive workflows which are mapped into habbl. We are simplifying and automating the procedure of complex processes together. In this way, your employees can collaborate fast and effective.

You can rely on the EIKONA support round the clock.

24/7 Support

In case of a breakdown or other problems, we are offering you flexible help at any time. Technical support by phone or remote access and our experienced programmers take care of your error to be solved quickly.

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