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HABBL makes agile order management very easy. That’s because the app guides your employees through their tasks one step at a time, one touch at a time and one menu at a time. It doesn’t get much easier.

Quick installation!

All that users need is a text or email with a link to the Google Play store. Once they download the app and register, they can get started in HABBL. And they can already use their specific order data, too. It's that simple!

For everyone

Whether they’re just getting started or seasoned users, everyone finds the HABBL app is intuitive to use in daily order management and mobile order processing.

Short learning curve

HABBL makes tasks crystal-clear. It shows work instructions for every single step. This enables new hires to find their way around quickly and be integrated into your established processes.

Smart operation

The HABBL app is designed for easy and intuitive mobile use for smooth navigation: Large buttons are hard to miss; you can see the big font even in extremely bright or bad lighting.

The HABBL consultants

Getting started is easy! Our consultants will help you roll out HABBL: They’ll set up your system, integrate your data and optimise your processes. Benefit from our extensive experience in digitising processes!

Process analysis

Capturing your current modus operandi at work: We sit down with you to look at your existing workflows and analyse your processes.

Process optimisation

We don’t just map your processes; we also optimise them as we digitise them. Always with the goal to make you more efficient.


We support you with every step of the implementation for a smooth ramp up and stay with you until you are ready to start work.

Project management

From kick-off workshops to live operations, we manage everything technical and organisational.

Work better together!