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HABBL guides people

Mobile workflows are the nerve centre of HABBL. The app is the ultimate tool for managing mobile employees- and it guides them through their tasks one step at a time.

Easy to use

Developed to be used on the go: Big buttons make work easier.

All in one app

Tasks, communication, documentation, navigation and more – everything you need.

Always up-to-date

Mobile employees and lorry drivers receive new tasks or orders automatically through the app.

Never forget anything

Always keep your employees informed- even if order details change at the very last moment.

Custom workflows

Everything’s ready to manage your mobile employees in accordance with your needs: HABBL learns your workflows.

Clear instructions

Thanks to the precise information in HABBL, your employees know exactly what they have to do – with individual elements for each assignment.

Various effective modules

HABBL has a module for every activity – and its intuitive operation makes it easy to learn, for experts and newcomers alike.

Fixed sequence

Start with the third step and then forget the first two? Not with HABBL: Your workflow stays in the fixed sequence so that everything gets done.

One app for all communications

HABBL bundles all order-related messaging and communications in one app – all automatically documented and logged with a strong audit trail.

Share documents and photos

Use the HABBL app to send important order-related documents from the office to the vehicle or vice versa – this even works with photos, which HABBL will archive directly with the order.

“Getting through the day and completing all my assigned work has never been easier. I can see all my orders in the HABBL app and have everything under control.”

Dieter Liesener
Driver for the Schnug Logistic Group

Always with you

Use the HABBL app on every Android device or right in the cockpit of your Mercedes Benz lorry.


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The simplicity of HABBL

Quick installation

All it takes to get started in HABBL with the precise order data is an email or text message with a link to the Google Play Store. It's that simple!

One step at a time

Even the trickiest orders are easy with HABBL. That’s because the app guides your employees through their tasks one step at a time, one click at a time. It doesn’t get much easier.

No language barriers

Your drivers or employees are from all over the world? HABBL makes communicating easy – it speaks every language you need (written from left to right).

Work better together!