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HABBL means security. For processes and data. That’s why a robust audit trail is maintained of every single step. In addition, the HABBL app can also be used offline. All important data is cached locally and sent to the server later.

German-engineered information security

Not only was our software developed in Germany, but we also operate our data centres in Germany. Our data centres are certified to ISO 27001. HABBL rights management provides even greater security. It ensures that control capabilities and information are only available to authorised users and can only be viewed by them.

99.9% availability

We have highly available systems running at our data centres. All the servers are fully mirrored and connected to the internet via different network nodes to provide maximum security and availability.

Help 24/7

We offer flexible help around the clock if you experience malfunctions or other issues. Technical support provided by phone or remote access can correct errors in no time. If you need us, we’ll be there!

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