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  • VDA 4945 / 4996
Simple sign-in at Mercedes-Benz car factories pursuant to VDA 4996

Automatic time slot reservation

Drivers announce their delivery at the start of the trip and drive right up to their dock without waiting thanks to HABBL.

Practical Experience

How HABBL tours at Karl Schnug Kraftwagen-Spedition accelerate turnaround times.

HABBL: Real-time information for every trip

Efficient transports

If your vehicles are expected at Mercedes-Benz car factories, we will now guide your drivers – without making a single phone call. What do you do after a traffic jam? Take a break or keep driving? When will a loading dock be available? HABBL pushes out the latest information to everyone along the logistics chain. Effortlessly – no need to ask. Order Management guides drivers using the app. In the portal, dispatchers can see a trip’s current status and ETA. That way, everyone has plenty of advance notice about when and where the lorry will be unloaded. Of course, the drivers still have to accelerate, steer and brake.

Sign up and participate

VDA 4996: Get there easily with HABBL

Join up and send off all your drivers with HABBL. They can then automatically drive ahead to Mercedes-Benz car factories. No sign-ins or other interruptions required. They can pull right up to the correct loading dock, too. That will keep things rolling for you!

Arrive on time in comfort

With HABBL, drivers have to do only one thing when heading to Daimler: sign in at the start of the trip with the cargo manifest number. Everything else is handled by a process that was developed by Daimler Logistik, Inform and HABBL based on VDA Recommendation 4996 and that runs in the background automatically. Every 15 minutes, the HABBL app sends the current GPS position and the lorry’s expected arrival time (ETA) at the factory gate.

No more waiting

To shorten processing times at the factory gate, the driver is sent a message before he reaches his destination. If incoming traffic is moving nicely and the right dock is clear, the driver can drive up straight away. If traffic is backed up, the app asks the driver to take his next break early. This eliminates unnecessary waiting times for the driver.

Straight to the dock

Shortly before reaching his destination, the HABBL app automatically shows the driver an access code for the factory. The driver can punch in the code to drive right inoffroad navigation then takes him straight to his loading dock from the entrance gate. That does away with paper maps and complicated route lookups.

VDA 4996: Get there easily with HABBL

No more waiting

Lorries are processed directly, idle times reduced.

Always on time

Real-time position information improves scheduling.

Full concentration

Once the driver has signed in at the start of the trip, he can devote his full attention to driving.

Full transparency

There is no longer a need to clear things up by phone.

Less idle time

Straight to the ramp – and that’s where the clock for your bill is ticking.

Stay on the road

Drivers can make better use of their driving time.

You can activate automatic sign-in in just a few steps:

  • Register using our contact form.
  • We will get in touch with you and supply the necessary software free of charge.
  • You set up users in HABBL before the first trip: dispatchers and drivers.
  • You link your drivers’ mobile devices to the system in the HABBL portal.
  • We provide you with the workflow for a trip.
  • At the start of the trip, the driver simply enters the cargo manifest number from your transport order in the HABBL app – this starts the automatic processes, and the driver can head out.

“With HABBL, I can drive straight to the dock – without having to sign in again and without waiting! That means I can get back home faster.”

Dieter Liesener
Driver for the Schnug Logistic Group

HABBL makes orders easy!