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HABBL for consignees

Receiving management:
As fast as you need it

Consignees who use HABBL get early warnings when a shipment is running late and can coordinate unloading.

Time slot management

Dynamically assign docks and efficiently unload

Flexible outperforms rigid: To properly prepare for unloading, you need to know when a lorry is going to arrive. The information HABBL provides is as precise as can be since it comes straight from the lorry in real time. You can then dynamically assign time slots, which reduces loading and unloading times and optimises material flows.

Arrival monitor

HABBL users can see exactly when lorries arrive in the arrival monitor, including their estimated times of arrival (ETAs). That gives you precise data for planning your downstream processes.


Send messages to the lorries! It’s easy to send drivers updates in the HABBL app: about necessary equipment, their assigned dock, upcoming road blocks, or their personal point of contact at the loading point.

Dock monitor with dock recommendations

Which docks are still occupied, which ones will be available for the next unloading? HABBL lets you manage your docks dynamically. Let your docks “come to the lorry”, not the other way around. Simply unload at the next available dock while staying perfectly organised.

Yard management

Sign-in, entrance, dock assignment, inspection orders: Manage processes on your plant premises with HABBL – for precise just-in-time management.

Dock processes

Accept goods faster

Assign docks

Know where the load belongs – in the lorry and at your warehouse. In HABBL, it takes only one click to assign the dock and automatically notify the key players. The driver can then drive up right up to the ramp where your team will be waiting.

Manage pallets

Flat pallets, cage pallets and more: With HABBL, you update your exchange accounts in real time. Photos document the quality and condition of the exchanged material.

Scan inbound goods

Drivers perform unload scans themselves with the HABBL scan function. You can use the data from this application for managing inbound goods. You’ll know exactly which goods have arrived, and your employees will save time.

Warehouse processes

Getting goods under control

HABBL is for more than just lorries. It shines in warehouses, too. For example, you can check whether a package has been received or still needs to be posted to inventory. Forklift operators see the bin assigned to the package. There is no limit to the things HABBL modules can do in your warehouse: document damage, relocate stock and much more.


Effectively informed: Automatic information improves material flows

Planning requires some key facts – such as who is arriving, when they will get there, what vehicle they will have and what they have loaded. Normally, this information takes countless messages and phone calls to gather. Not with HABBL: It pushes out the details automatically. Driver and vehicle data, lorry position and estimated time of arrival. If a status changes, you are notified in real time. Without even asking.

HABBL is a perfect match for SSI Schäfer’s processes.

“It’s an efficient and highly flexible tool for optimising daily processes in distribution logistics. It guarantees paperless handling and faster data sharing among all users. The HABBL application solution opens many doors for the future of distribution and has the flexibility to enable custom solutions that can quickly be adapted at any time.”

Tolga Deveci
Head of Customer Service at SSI SCHÄFER Dienstleistungs GmbH

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