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HABBL Transport

Work better and faster
without paper. On every trip.

Control centre

HABBL Transport automatically receives and distributes information.

Manage orders automatically

HABBL draws its data from your operations systems – whether it’s a transport management system (TMS) or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. That eliminates the need to enter orders manually.

As soon as dispatching is finished, you automatically upload all the trips to the drivers’ mobile devices and manage the process quickly and efficiently with precise workflows. HABBL can use a different workflow for every customer, product and trip, automatically following pre-defined rules. That way, you’re always delivering exactly what your customer wants.

Always informed

With HABBL, you’re always in the know. You know exactly where a vehicle is located, what load the driver just dropped, how many pallets were exchanged or when the vehicle will arrive after bypassing the traffic jam.

All thanks to HABBL Transport’s live map and arrival monitor. The arrival monitor immediately shows you which transports will not arrive on time. In real time. And it even states an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

The live map shows you the lorry’s current position and how it got there – i.e. the route it drove, along with information on speed and direction.

Communication and documentation

HABBL Transport will quickly become the communication hub for all your orders. It provides real-time information on status changes, with every click representing further progress. HABBL handles all communications about position and time of arrival automatically.

The app always shows drivers phone numbers and contact details whenever the information is needed. As long as the lorry isn’t moving, dispatchers and drivers can simply share important information by chat – which even includes audit-proof record-keeping and archiving with the order.

Also, consignees can use the HABBL app to automatically route vehicles straight to the dock. HABBL knows what comes next in your orders.

Transparent pallet management

Say farewell to pallet notes with HABBL. The app digitally documents exchanged pallets – including a signature and pictures if you wish – for every order. That will keep your pallet accounts up to date and help you document the quality of the pallets. It’s fair and transparent.

Step-by-step guidance

HABBL takes users by the hand and walks them through their tasks.

Custom workflows on tablets or smartphones

HABBL workflows are as unique as your customers and their goods. If necessary, the app will even send drivers different instructions for each individual consignment – thanks to automatic mobile workflow management. It supports all Android smartphones, tablets, handhelds or telematics devices. As flexible as you are.

Easy to use

Smartphone users will know right away how HABBL works. No driver will need an IT training course. Large buttons, clear user guidance, automatic documentation: HABBL is real-time quality management. It’s that easy to use.

Speaks all languages

HABBL is as international as your team – the app knows every language (written from left to right). Drivers can perform every step in their workflows in their local language, no matter where they’re from. That prevents misunderstandings from arising in the first place.

Workflow editor

The place where your processes go digital with a mouseclick.

HABBL listens to your process

You customise HABBL according to your needs in the workflow editor. This is where you create your custom workflows and set up everything the way you need it. For your orders, tailored to your customers. Use the drag-and-drop function to set up the logic HABBL uses to optimise your trips. That’s because HABBL will create a process that improves your quality for every single order, product and customer. Optimised in every way and with as much documentation as you need. Just from your order data.

Rules: if this, then that (IFTTT)

Workflows in HABBL are as customised as the orders that you handle. When we digitise your transport processes, we make work easy for your employees by automating as many decisions as possible. We use rules to optimise the trip itinerary: The workflow stays linear while the software applies your pre-defined rules. We call this workflow automation. Because things just work with HABBL!

Fully integrated

A HABBL workflow does not live on processes alone but thrives on the order data that you use. We integrate HABBL seamlessly into your TMS and application environment so that you save yourself double or triple keying.

HABBL Transport helps you optimise the trip itinerary, making you faster and more efficient. Also, HABBL handles much of your communication automatically, sparing you tasks such as signing in and providing positions, sending signatures and photos, archiving supporting documents.

“Getting through the day and completing all my assigned work has never been easier. I can see all my orders in the HABBL app and have everything under control.”

Dieter Liesener
Driver for the Schnug Logistic Group

And much more

Chat windows, not phone calls

Simple messages right in the order – with or without WhatsApp

Start break

Toggle “on” to let dispatch know

One-push speed dial

The receiver button immediately connects you to the right person

Digital departure check

Legal obligation demonstrably met and immediately archived

Fast track with HABBL

Wherever data is transferred based on VDA Recommendation 4996

Remaining driving time

HABBL knows this hard-to-calculate secret and plans for it

Enter idle time

The clock is ticking on your bill whenever your drivers have to wait

Subcontractors integrated

HABBL runs on every Android device, even for third-party drivers

The HABBL consultants

Getting started is easy! Our consultants will help you roll out HABBL: They’ll set up your system, integrate your data and optimise your processes. Benefit from our extensive experience in digitising processes!

Process analysis

Capturing your current modus operandi at work: We sit down with you to look at your existing workflows and analyse your processes.

Process optimisation

We don’t just map your processes; we also optimise them as we digitise them. Always with the goal to make you more efficient.


We support you with every step of the implementation for a smooth ramp up and stay with you until you are ready to start work.

Project management

From kick-off workshops to live operations, we manage everything technical and organisational.

Work better together!