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Live status updates and crystal-clear instructions for drivers

  • Personalised instructions unerringly guide drivers on their trips
  • Workflows can be painlessly configured on the fly
  • Digital cargo list accelerates delivery
HABBL is an easy-to-use system that everyone can fully rely on. The app intuitively walks drivers through their trips and cargo lists. It also vastly simplifies things for carriers by supporting Android devices – no separate mobile phone is needed!
Florian Trapp
Project Manager, Schäflein AG

Live instant updates on shipment status

What is the challenge?

Not long ago, all Schäflein AG lorry drivers had to have mobile scanners in their lorries. The displays were minuscule, hard to read and covered with glass that broke easily. Worst of all, the heavy devices did not support live capture and transmission of data. Instead, data could only be exported to the transport management system (TMS) by Wi-Fi after the trip had already ended.


As the 3rd party logistics provider’s customers – particularly online retailers – grew more and more interested in real-time shipment tracking, its managers began hunting for a solution that would support mobile data communications and instantly display the current shipment status.


Schäflein AG decided to adopt HABBL. It supported the development of the application from its early beginnings to its current level of maturity. The pilot project mainly focused on picking up and delivering part load short-haul shipments. The HABBL app can be quickly installed on any Android device from the Google Play Store and, thanks to its GPS functionality, lends itself well to automatic transmissions of status updates. Schäflein has specifically developed custom workflows that effectively guide drivers through their workdays: They check off each item in their preferred language until their trip is done. The built-in navigation function can find the fastest route to their next stop. And the digital cargo list has eliminated the need for paper-based checks of individual packages. With HABBL, Schäflein no longer needs pallet notes for the pallet exchange process. “HABBL fully satisfies our short-haul requirements. In the development stage, we ensured that our workflows reflected our needs as a part load carrier. Now, HABBL integrates so well with our processes that we plan to use the app for long-haul part load and full load shipments in the future as well. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. A real boost for our business!”

About the company

Established in 1939 with three tractor engines, Röthlein-based Schäflein AG is now a logistics company with 1,650 employees at more than 27 locations in Germany, Austria and Poland. Interdisciplinary teams of operational logistics specialists, freight forwarders, engineers, IT experts and managers live and breathe logistics at the corporate group. All processes in the Schäflein network are IT-supported.
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