Spedition Diez GmbH

Intelligent all-in-one solution for transport logistics

  • Clearly structured checklist for drivers
  • Real-time status updates
  • Capture delivery notes digitally
We needed to change in order to manage rising shipping volumes effectively. We also wanted to establish transparent communications with all stakeholders, including automatic status updates. Thanks to HABBL, we have succeeded in standardising our workflows for each cargo type in an easy-to-understand way.
Andreas Diez
Managing Partner, Spedition Diez

Standardised processes simplify day-to-day operations

What is the challenge?

Spedition Diez specialises in transporting heavy cargo such as sheets and coils that often weigh more than 25 metric tons. Over 400 of these shipments leave the warehouse every day – with more added every year. The company had reached a point where it no longer made sense to enter all these orders manually. In addition, Spedition Diez was looking for an intelligent all-in-one solution that could digitalise drivers’ work, transmit status updates right from the lorry and slash the number of phone calls from the dispatch office to the drivers.


First, the company did away with manual order entry. Since then, it has been able to instantly access the location of its 80 vehicles through onboard telematics devices. It also wanted a universal application to seamlessly guide drivers through every step of their trip.


Spedition Diez found the right product: HABBL. Since the app runs on any Android smartphone, the 3rd party logistics provider now receives current data from subcontractors’ lorries as well. It individually sets up all logistics processes in the HABBL workflow editor, giving drivers very precise instructions in the process. Before starting a trip, drivers use the app to complete all the items on a clearly structured departure checklist. Then they receive a list of stops – each with a custom workflow that contains all relevant information. Thanks to the application, dispatchers in the office always know the lorry’s current stop and the current status of loaded shipments. Driver-initiated changes are communicated and documented in real time. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) function in HABBL automatically announces delivery delays, too. That eliminates the need for drivers and dispatchers to make phone calls to check on shipment statuses. Drivers now scan and send out delivery notes with the photo function. “HABBL is the right platform for us to continue driving our entire digitalisation process in the future,” summarised Diez.

About the company

Spedition Diez, based in Dettingen unter Teck, calls the Stuttgart metropolitan area home. Its fleet includes 65 single and double curtain-side articulated lorries as well as 13 special low loaders used to safely transport heavy cargo. The company provides customers with 35,000 square metres of storage space.
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