Improving transparency and management of logistics processes

  • Analyse telematics and shipment data together
  • Precisely manage and quickly reschedule trips
  • Contact drivers quickly and easily
Workflows are what make our business tick. With HABBL, we can digitalise them more extensively to meet rising customer expectations for all kinds of shipments – from single pallets to full loads. That gives our customers the kind of visibility that they have only experienced from consumer-grade e-commerce.
Jochen Eschborn

Workflows: what makes the business tick

What is the challenge?

It takes enormous administrative effort – often entailing manual involvement – to verify that drivers brake safely, conserve fuel and meet driving and rest period requirements. This data generally comes from telematics units installed in individual vehicles but is not linked to shipment data, which is entered and analysed in a separate system. Not satisfied with this situation, ELVIS AG started as early as five years ago to look for a single solution for processing shipment and telematics data together.


ELVIS AG wanted the solution to be app-based so that it would be as intuitive for drivers to operate as possible and would require no additional hardware such as handheld scanners. Its main criteria included:

  • All logistics processes, from pick-up to transloading to delivery, should be not merely supported but also made more transparent and efficient overall
  • Workflows that are freely definable to meet customer needs
  • Real-time tracking at the hub as well as optimised management
  • Ability to analyse telemetry and shipment data together
  • Sharing of shipment data with subcontractors
  • A multilingual app that walks international drivers through all process steps and is fun for them to use

Having formulated these requirements, ELVIS became directly involved in HABBL’s development. As a pilot customer, the part and full load network was able to develop the perfect solution for its day-to-day operations. Today, HABBL not only manages communications with in-house drivers but is employed for independent contract carriers, too.


HABBL’s main claim to fame are freely definable workflows. For example, a driver can be reminded to call the customer 100 kilometres before the delivery destination. Or to consider certain issues when securing the cargo. All vehicles are constantly tracked along their entire routes, especially in the ELVIS part load system, which allows highly accurate, granular management of the handling operations in Knüllwald. “These individually customisable and trackable workflows are what make our business tick,” stressed Jochen Eschborn, CEO of ELVIS AG. The network has been using HABBL since 2016 and is highly pleased with the results. “We can track all process steps for our customers at a level of detail that they may only have seen before in customer-grade e-commerce,” added Eschborn. “A system that adds true value for freight forwarders, their customers and drivers.”

About the company

ELVIS AG is a European association that represents over 200 partner companies. Its partners are represented at 280 locations in Germany and over 30 countries in Europe. It oversees several operational networks: a part load network, a full load network, a volume load network, a construction materials network and a pallet portal. ELVIS AG has access to a fleet of more than 17,000 lorries through its partners.
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