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Deliveries easily controlled

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple workflow
  • Flexible configuration options
With the HABBL app, our drivers felt comfortable from the very beginning. The intuitive software makes it much easier to understand and digitally document our delivery processes. We now use an additional check to see if goods are delivered to the correct store. If we want to make adjustments to the workflow, we can simply make the change ourselves in HABBL's workflow editor. This is how we are well positioned for the future.
Stefanie Schwebke
Head of Department Central Transport, Logistics, ROSSMANN Logistikgesellschaft mbH (Photo:

Intuitive app for delivery with easy-to-understand user guidance

What is the challenge?

For quite some time, ROSSMANN has been using mobile devices and digital status recording to control its own transport processes when delivering to branches. However, an app developed individually for this purpose has proved difficult to understand in practice, which made the scanning of the used roll containers difficult. Therefore drivers who were going on tour with the app for the first time needed intensive training upfront. It also turned out that the given workflow was more complicated than it would have been necessary.


In order for drivers to start their distribution tours without major training, a new software solution had to be introduced to also simplify processes. At the same time, drivers should also be equipped with new scanner devices, which should also be easier to handle. In addition, the logistics companies of the retail chain wanted to be given the opportunity to change processes and change the workflow itself with a new application. Since ROSSMANN also uses data from the transport process to settle the tours to contracted freight forwarders and the driver, it should also record the following parameters:

  • Vehicle position
  • Standing time
  • Route
  • Speed

This has resulted in a combination of a scanner device and an app that drivers can use without prior training. It also allows the drivers of the ROSSMANN-owned fleet to be assigned additional tasks in the field of vehicle maintenance with the integration of the processed tasks into the route planning software.


Already on the first working day with the new software at the ROSSMANN headquarters in Burgwedel, the drivers were able to operate the app from HABBL effortlessly. They are now guided through their workflow with short and comprehensible information. The app takes over the address of the target markets in the navigation and provides the phone number of the point of sale for a call at the touch of a button. For branches that can only be approached with a solo vehicle, the HABBL app now also controls the transfer process from the trailer to the truck. Upon arrival, the drivers will also check whether they have reached the intended market for the goods via a barcode scan in the delivery area before unloading. There, the unloading scans of the roller boxes are easier and faster. The driver then also records the accepted empties, which he transports back. After completing the tour, the colleagues employed directly by ROSSMANN Logistics will also receive instructions for their next tasks: refuelling, vehicle maintenance and preloading for the next tour. "With HABBL, we now offer our drivers an app that guides them through their tasks. If we want to change the sequence of work steps or introduce new processes, we can change that ourselves. It was also very pleasant for the project team to be able to complete the implementation project so quickly," reports Stefanie Schwebke, Head of the Central Transport Department, Logistics of ROSSMANN Logistikgesellschaft mbH.

About the company

As the inventor of the drugstore in Germany, Dirk Rossmann opened the first drugstore market in Hanover in 1972. Today, ROSSMANN is one of the largest drugstore chains in Europe and counts 56,300 employees and 4,244 stores in Europe. Customers find a particularly extensive range of products covering all areas of daily life. 4,600 of a total of 21,700 drugstores articles belong to 28 private ROSSMANN labels. Since 1999, customers have also been able to find the wide range of products online. Customers appreciate the offer of 2,700 exclusive articles as well as information on various topics. Furthermore, ROSSMANN attaches great importance to the topic of sustainability. Thus, the company continuously works on making its products and packaging more sustainable. In addition, the ecological and social commitment is being further expanded in all corporate divisions. Turnover 2020: 10.35 billion euros (Germany: 7.33 billion euros).
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