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Custom configured and yet universally usable

  • Customisable workflows
  • Add information directly instead of filling out change requests
  • Transparent, mobile data communications
Customisation matters a lot to us, being an alliance of mid-market logistics providers. HABBL gives us the ability to develop a standard CargoLine process without dictating every single detail of a workflow for our partners to follow. In addition, we can now give customers more precise shipment status information, right down to the current location of the delivery vehicle, which significantly enhances visibility along the supply chain.
Sebastian Grollius
Head of IT and Project Management at CargoLine GmbH & Co. KG

Seek and ye shall find: easily accessible driver app

What is the challenge?

CargoLine overhauled its IT infrastructure a year-and-a-half ago. As part of that process, the part load alliance began looking for a standardised driver app in early 2019. It wanted an app that all its members could easily use. Since its cooperation partners all had different requirements and were planning more and more trips on the fly, it no longer made sense to bring along proprietary handheld scanners. There was also a need for more data transparency on the alliance’s short-haul segments. So CargoLine contacted 15 providers, identified the four most promising ones in a multi-stage process and invited them all to a workshop.


A special project group, created within CargoLine’s IT Working Group to evaluate the right application, assessed the four solutions presented at the workshop using a strict questionnaire. Core items on the list included:

  • Can the system user configure a custom workflow at all relevant points in the process? Is programming user-friendly?
  • Can the entire application be used intuitively?
  • How much extra programming will have to be done to meet current requirements?

It did not take long to realise that HABBL’s properties and functions met these standards the best:

  • The app is easy to use and guides drivers through the entire process in their preferred language.
  • Flexible workflows allow every company using HABBL to configure the app individually without resorting to change requests that the IT department has to approve first.
  • Drivers are reminded by a dialogue box to use exchangeable customer-specific pallets – flat pallets, cage pallets and more – when they make deliveries to certain customers.
  • Idle time at a customer site can be logged. This data-based record can then be used to optimise future processes in cooperation with key contacts.


The company decided to go with HABBL. It based its decision on the solution’s customisability for the part load alliance’s partners, its high data transparency and the flexible workflow design. “We announced HABBL as our pick in a bulletin sent to our members and invited them to a hands-on workshop at Schäflein, our cooperation partner, and were astonished by how positive the response was,” explained Sebastian Grollius. “All told, 15 partners sent over project managers to get a detailed understanding of the application and make an informed decision about using it in their own organisations.”

About the company

CargoLine is an alliance for intercontinental part load shipping. The nationwide network consists of 50 medium-sized transport and logistics service providers, supplemented by high-performance international partners. It specialises in systemised transport services, sea freight and distribution, procurement and contract logistics.
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