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HABBL for shippers

Automatically coordinate shipping management

Shippers can manage shipping processes much more easily with HABBL since the arrival monitor shows the expected arrival times of incoming lorries in real time.

Shipping planning and management

Coordination like clockwork

Vehicle sign-in

Vehicles picking up shipments sign in with HABBL early on using their number plate, driver’s name, available loading metre or other criteria that matter to your business.

Arrival monitor

Always know when a lorry will show up: Look in the arrival monitor to see the latest estimated time of arrival (ETA) – and then schedule the downstream processes accordingly.

Yard management

Sign-in, entrance, dock assignment, inspection orders: Manage processes on your plant premises with HABBL – and make your shipping process digital.


Bring the right equipment, drive up to the right dock, announce road blocks or name a point of contact: HABBL lets you inform drivers directly.

Dock optimisation

Process shipments faster

Scan loads

Drivers perform load scans themselves with the HABBL scan function. You’ll know exactly which goods you have shipped, and your employees will save time.

Manage pallets

Flat pallets, cage pallets and more: With HABBL, you update your exchange accounts in real time. Photos document the quality and condition of the exchanged material.

Document load securement

Have you met your shipper obligations for secure transport? You can easily document this by taking pictures of the secured load. HABBL automatically archives the pictures with the order.

Order monitoring

Keep an eye on current conditions: Know what’s what

Precise information is the key to efficient loading. HABBL puts all the information at your fingertips – where the vehicle is or when the driver has to take a break. This allows you to plan processes precisely and deploy your employees effectively.


Effectively informed: Automatic information improves loading coordination.

Planning requires some key facts – such as who is arriving, when they will get there, what vehicle they will have and how many consignments will fit in it. Normally, this information takes countless messages and phone calls to gather. Not with HABBL: It pushes out the details automatically. Driver and vehicle data, lorry position and estimated time of arrival. If a status changes, you are notified in real time. Without even asking.

Fressnapf and its freight forwarders go digital

“With HABBL, we can roll out digital processes at record speed, in close partnership with our transport service providers. HABBL is the perfect tool for giving their needs the attention they deserve. Providing a custom workflow in the driver’s language sends out a signal of appreciation that you only get with HABBL. We are thrilled that HABBL has made it so easy and pleasant for us to work together as shippers and transportation providers.”

Markus Michalak
Head of Distribution, Fressnapf Logistik GmbH

HABBL Transport

Mobile order management for freight forwarders and
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Share the status of your trips with everyone in real time
and guide your drivers through your work orders with ease
and precision.

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