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Transparent delivery control in the automotive industry

Mobile app supports all stakeholders

In industry, efficiency and business success depend heavily on a smoothly functioning supply chain. A good example of this is the delivery of the required parts and materials in the automotive industry. The use of mobile apps significantly increases efficiency and planning reliability.

A car consists of countless parts – and each of them must reach the factory in time and undamaged in order to be installed. Delivery is a central process to keep the tapes running and deliverable. Bottlenecks and delays in delivery interrupt the entire production chain. Therefore, it is more important that deliveries are consistently transparent during transport, so that production processes remain meaningfully predictable. Mobile apps provide excellent services by making processes transparent to all stakeholders by providing end-to-end status messages.

Transparent delivery

Increased planning reliability for industry

The central element of the digital accompaniment of delivery is a truck control software in the car plant. With their help, factory traffic can be steered via a time slot management. The drivers of the contracted forwarders log in on this platform via mobile app as soon as they start their tour. During the journey, the app broadcasts status updates of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) every 15 minutes. Telephone enquiries are superfluous. In addition, you can predefine stage points when the target company receives a status message when it reaches it. Shortly before the finish, the control system checks whether the truck can enter directly into the plant. If so, it sends permission to the driver. The inlet control process is also supported in the mobile app. At the factory gate, the driver uses a barcode and can passthrough. If, on the other hand, all capacities are occupied, he is asked to take a break and wait in front of the plant. With this consistent information on transport progress, companies in the automotive industry gain considerably more planning reliability.

Clear communication

All stakeholders up to date

The transporters of the contracted forwarders can send the mobile digital order control directly to a smartphone. Tourers and drivers alike get a digital insight into the complete transport process. If there are delays or deviations, the forwarding company will be informed at an early stage. It can be flexibly rescheduled and use the driving times optimally. In addition, mobile apps are now multilingual, which allows a fluid communication with foreign drivers.

Safe Navigation

Relief for the driver

In some modern vehicles, the mobile solution is integrated into a Multimedia Cockpit. The tool clearly displays waypoints and guides the driver safely to his destination. Once there, he also receives information about his unloading point via the tool, such as which ramp to use. This ensures significantly shorter service life. It is also navigated on the factory premises. As a whole, the handling process is much faster. And the driver can fully concentrate on his actual job, driving.


A mobile app is profitable

Mobile apps are an effective way to make delivery in the automotive industry more efficient. They offer clear advantages to all parties involved, such as automotive companies as well as forwarding agents and drivers:

  • There is full transparency about the course of the transport
  • Punctuality rate increases due to improved planning
  • Navigation with GPX-Track straight to the ramp reduces downtime
  • The check-in time at the plant is shortened
  • Time gains enable rapid billing

Last but not least, the driver, as a central player in the transport process, can fully concentrate on traffic and ensure that the cargo arrives safely and on time at the factory.

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