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Replace training and manuals with the driver app

Mobile software supports and guides truck drivers

Simply driving. The requirements for professional drivers can no longer be described so succinctly. The captain of the road has long since become a transport service provider who achieves goals and fulfils wishes. An environment in which one can only hold one's own through intensive training or intelligent guidance. Digital driver apps have therefore become coaches and quality managers for processes in logistics.

How quickly can freight forwarders and transport companies integrate new drivers into their daily work? At what point can they be sent on their own to their customers in a wide variety of sectors? Depending on their area of operation in local or long-distance transport, the complexity of the customer's wishes also determines how much instruction the drivers need. After all, the special features of the vehicle, the client and the transport assignment must be reliably observed in order to make a good impression. Those who want to be on the safe side in terms of transport quality therefore use driving trainers or equip their truck drivers with a workflow-based driver app.


One driver app for all questions

Working hours, contact persons, tasks: If you want to guide your drivers efficiently through their working day, you can equip them with a driver app as a digital driver's manual. In it, they can find all the essential information about their assignment at any time – both about their truck and about their own company or customers. It provides drivers with all the important aspects:

  • working hours
  • contact
  • registration times
  • tasks
  • special features of loading points
  • needed equipment
  • vehicle preparation
  • loading aids
  • transport tours
  • routes

With this content, the software replaces vehicle and assignment documents on paper. In addition, it enables direct contact with the appropriate contact person for each individual task – be it via chat message or by telephone.


Perfect preparation through the driver app

The digital helpers are extremely popular with logistics service providers. Because with smart and timely guidance, they ensure that drivers can do a good job on every transport – both at loading points and in fleet management. The necessary loading aids? Are always ready! Opening hours taken into account? Check! Maintenance intervals of the trucks observed? Of course! Context-related information that appears on the device display in time for the task at hand keeps professional drivers safely in the right lane. In this way, they avoid mistakes and are always informed in good time – even in the event of road closures, difficult approaches or special transport goods. The driver app knows the insurance policy number of each individual truck, call numbers of the claims department and the specifications for legally compliant documentation. Those who are on the road with the mobile software can even transfer delivery notes and sales quantities of liquids and bulk goods to their own company in a matter of seconds – even from distant countries in international long-distance transport.


How the driver app specifies transport routes

Those who have been in business for a long time often believe they know the best way. In fact, experienced professionals intuitively choose fast routes from the transshipment to the customer. But if their haulage company already schedules automatically, this independence prevents the implementation of optimised route planning. That is why driver apps can specify fixed routes and paths that they must follow in the planned stop sequence. In this way, the solutions ensure the most efficient order processing and also secure the planning of follow-up processes at the recipients. In addition, all participants along the value chain receive real-time data from the vehicles via mobile end devices, which allow precise forecasts for the estimated time of arrival (ETA) at each individual stop in the case of a fixed predefined route. To lend additional authority to this plan, the software records the course of the journey and allows an evaluation of the lane in retrospect. This way, if necessary, a dispatcher can plausibly explain to his driver why the digitally planned tour would have reached the destination faster and more efficiently. Another advantage is obvious: the driver app digitally transfers the addresses of all loading points into the navigation with a fixed route – so it is impossible for the truck to get lost at the wrong address. This makes tours efficient and improves the earnings of haulage companies and transport operators.


Driver apps are irreplaceable – as helpers and for guidance

Time is money – in logistics even more than elsewhere. And if you don't have to ask questions or make mistakes, you get to your destination much faster and more efficiently. That's why it's a win-win situation for everyone involved in the logistics chain when truck drivers are managed with driver apps: Clients can always load vehicles without worry and find out directly when the goods have arrived. Transport companies and forwarders use their drivers and vehicles more effectively. And the drivers themselves know exactly what to do at all times. Perfectly oriented, without uncertainty and enquiries. The driver app is irreplaceable for today's logistics.

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