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Mobile software supports professional drivers on their trips

Great guidance with digital apps

Logistics is about three things: processes, processes and processes. Complex processes, being seamlessly executed by large teams of people. Some of the most important – and mobile – members of this team are lorry drivers. A digital app provides the support they need to excel at their work.

Modern-day lorry drivers perform a variety of logistics tasks in addition to sitting behind a steering wheel. Mobile software can precisely guide them every step of the way. Freight forwarders who use these applications see direct improvements in work quality. Indeed, mobile workflow management software enables them to consistently handle many basic tasks and accomplish the following:

  • Optimise workflows and map them to the destination one step at a time.
  • Establish a fully standardized procedure.
  • Ensure high process standards.
  • Achieve consistent results and quality.
  • Streamline communication.
  • Achieve greater efficiency.

App-based management

How to manage drivers – in every language

Digital driver management tools help companies before the driver even puts a key in the ignition: Implementing them prompts managers to look closely at all the process steps and organize them intelligently. Powerful mobile workflow management software is used to digitally map processes on a decision tree. The app then uses predefined rules to guide drivers through every step of their tasks. The tool shows them all the tasks they have to complete and handles decisions for them. They only see what they have to do. And, since modern-day logistics is highly international and drivers cannot be expected to speak fluent English, a high-quality application should also support all languages. The software also supports real-time data exchange so that all process stakeholders have the latest information at all times.

Departure check

Off to a good start

A well-structured app will ensure compliance with all important regulations before the work even begins. A complete checklist makes the departure check a quick and safe affair. Good thing, too: It’s required by law and immensely important. After all, lorries and their loads weigh several tons. Poor safety can lead to devastating consequences on the road. Safety failures pose an even greater risk if the cargo consists of dangerous goods. All safety items are checked and documented automatically in the app. That allows the company to meet its documentation requirements with no added effort.

In the app, drivers answer questions such as:

  • Is the load secured and distributed?
  • Is the driver buckled up?
  • Do the interior and exterior lights work?
  • Do the control instruments and warning indicators work?
  • Does the engine oil and brake fluid have to be topped up?
  • Is the driver assistance system running?
  • Is the truck equipped with required safety accessories such as a high-visibility vest and warning triangle?
Making decisions easy

Defining options

All the data and workflows needed for driver management can be converted into easy-to-use checklists. Questions and answers can be structured in a selection dialogue box and freely defined based on the process requirements. For example, checklists can be organized so that drivers only document exceptions to a rule. No matter what happens, drivers always know exactly what needs to be done. The app supports drivers before, during and after their trip with:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Navigation
  • Complying with legal driving and rest period requirements
  • Avoiding waiting times
  • Quality control
  • Documentation of damage
  • Proof of delivery (POD) and pallet exchange
Damages and accidents

IT keeps its cool

Apps are helpful when everything is running smoothly. That help is even more valuable and beneficial when something goes wrong. Drivers caught in those situations need the best support they can get. With its automatic workflows for accident and damage reporting, predictive mobile workflow management software ensures that drivers do what needs to be done in stressful moments: secure the scene of the accident, notify the police, document the damage with photos, take down the information of everyone involved in the accident and notify the insurance company. The company thus not only meets its legal obligations but can have its claim processed digitally as well. All required information is instantly accessible and available for automatic reporting.

Conclusion: enormous benefits

Organisations benefit at numerous levels

The app thoroughly supports drivers, the most mobile of all employees. It benefits the entire freight forwarding company and its customers, too. To use the tool effectively, management first has to review and optimise all mobile processes. Once the app starts being used, all involved departments receive real-time data. Management can rest assured that the app will meet all the legal requirements associated with its documentation obligations. Last but not least, customers consistently enjoy exceptionally high quality. And that is how a high-quality mobile workflow management solution can become a competitive advantage in the logistics business.

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