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Language talent: App enables communication in all languages

Facilitate understanding, increase efficiency

The more globalised the world of logistics, the more diverse the languages spoken in it. However, if communication in a freight forwarding company fails due to language difficulties, processes are not carried out properly and the efficiency of transports is impaired. A mobile app overcomes linguistic hurdles with ease and enables drivers and dispatchers alike to communicate in the language of their choice. This ensures that with the correct translation, the goods also arrive better.

The tasks that arise in a freight forwarding company range from departure checks to delivery receipts. Communication and structure are the key words that help to ensure flawless transport performance and increase efficiency. To prevent the ubiquitous driver shortage from hitting like any logistics provider, it helps if there are no language differences. A mobile app guarantees the service provider communication in all languages and thus plays a key role.

Communication tasks

What tasks accompany drivers and dispatchers?

A multitude of decisions and information that dispatchers and drivers exchange with each other shape the transport process. On the way between production, handling and warehouses, a mobile app simplifies many tasks along the value chain, for example the following processes:

  • • planning the tours
  • • compliance with driving and rest times
  • • vehicle tracking
  • • registration at charging points
  • • implementation of test processes
  • • proof of delivery (POD)
  • • short-term coordination with the disposition

However, sticking to sequences and processes is not enough – it is especially important that the information reaches all participants in the supply chain correctly. This is where the app as a language talent comes into play.

Translation professional

Mobile apps prove language skills

Where is the load currently located? When will the unloading be prepared? Answering these questions – and in real time – requires precise and accurate communication. The solution: a pre-structured workflow that guides the driver through the various phases of the transport. In this way, he never forgets a work step because all the data from the process is perfectly integrated. Language is often an obstacle in distribution logistics: if communication between the dispatcher and the driver does not work, mistakes can easily happen. All work steps, stages and processes are entered in the app in the desired language. The driver automatically receives all displayed data in the language pre-set on his device.

Communication talent

Problem-free communication improves process quality

Not only do mobile apps overcome the language barrier with pre-structured work processes – they can also handle spontaneous communication in any desired language. This is helped by an automatic translator that is integrated directly into the app via the API (Application Programming Interface): drivers and dispatchers can thus spontaneously use text or voice messages in the chat function at any time. These then arrive directly in the desired language at the respective conversation partner. Is it required to send the customer an advance notice when the product will be delivered in an hour? No problem, automated driver notifications are sent in the required language. This way, communication is no longer a problem, and the process quality improves considerably. The role of the translator is now taken over by the app as a digital language talent. In addition, time-consuming training of employees is unnecessary, as the multilingual apps quickly and easily integrate them with their everyday work in the logistics industry.


Mobile apps enable communication in any language and turn into a relief for everyone

An important product does not arrive on time because the driver loaded the wrong pallet? He doesn't understand the difference between a registration and a loading point? All these are matters of the past thanks to the language talent of mobile apps. Drivers and dispatchers alike can easily communicate with each other in real time in their native languages. “Lost in translation” – that was once upon a time! For everyone involved, this means a great relief, because they can now concentrate again on what they know best: logistics planning.

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