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How apps make departure control in trucks easier

Reduce risks, comply with obligations, document inspection points

Departure control in trucks is child's play with mobile apps! This is the most important news for drivers and transport companies. Because as useful as the visual and functional check is, the associated documentation obligation is unpopular. The check serves to avoid risks and guarantees the safety of commercial vehicles in road traffic. It covers the condition of tyres, lighting, brakes, engine, steering and trailer.

At the beginning of each shift, truck drivers must carry out a departure check. This is part of the working time and must be recorded on the driver card via the monitoring device. In Germany, this is regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act via the so-called DGUV Regulation 70, the "Accident Prevention Regulation for Vehicles". It prescribes a series of inspection points on trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, which should be documented using a checklist. Both the vehicle driver and the company employing him are responsible for carrying out and providing evidence of the checks.


Departure controls are subject to verification and monitoring requirements

Because responsibility for the checks is shared, mobile apps help to fulfil the obligations and document this. In the software, the checklists can be digitized, their processing can be firmly specified and the results can be securely archived – without delays or transmission errors. This results in both organizational advantages and a plus in security. The apps not only enable the individual adaptation of the inspection points, for example for specific vehicle types such as articulated trucks. In addition, it is also possible to run the checks automatically and to include test points that are specially adapted to the proceeding orders out and their goods, for example in the case of hazardous goods transports.


Avoiding risks through effective departure control

Individual trucks with a total weight of several tonnes pose higher risks on every journey than comparatively light and small passenger cars. That is why the departure check is essential. Its contents are part of the driving licence check for truck drivers. The check consists primarily of a visual inspection for damage in the following areas:

  • Tyres
  • Lighting
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Engine
  • Trailer

The control is carried out with the ignition switched on and the engine running in order to be able to determine the operational safety. The engine noise is also an indicator of incipient damage. The purpose of the checks is to prevent an unsafe vehicle or one on which a breakdown is imminent from setting off for a transport. In this way, accidents caused by technical damage can be avoided just as effectively as time delays caused by vehicle breakdowns. As soon as defects are noticed on a vehicle, they have to be repaired before it can go into the next operation.


Mobile apps record and document the checks

Fleet managers know exactly how time-consuming it is to carry out the departure check using paper checklists, and then to document and archive them in accordance with regulations. A digital departure check makes these tasks much easier: The driver is automatically reminded of the check on his mobile device before the start of the journey. He receives the control tasks in the language he has selected for his device. They are also tailored to the vehicle. Input is quick and intuitive: with the appropriate configuration, drivers only need to record any defects that have been identified. These in turn are forwarded directly for rectification. At the end of the check, the driver confirms with his signature on the device that he has carried out his task conscientiously. The departure check is then automatically documented in the IT system of the freight forwarder and archived as an audit-proof PDF document that can be easily forwarded if required.


Digital departure controls are fast and efficient

When mobile apps control and record departure checks, potential dangers are significantly reduced: the checks are carried out safely and routinely, the evidence of them is automatically documented and defects are forwarded directly for processing. Above all, no unsafe vehicles go into traffic. And all this is done quickly and efficiently, without any effort for data acquisition.

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