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Finding lorry parking comfortably and safely

Mobile apps ensure rest periods

For lorry drivers, finding parking spaces is difficult. The areas along the motorways are often too scarce for current demand. Thus, it is hardly possible to spontaneously search for a parking space just before the end of the driving time. A mobile parking search app helps drivers comply with their statutory breaks.

Lorries handle the majority of European freight transport. But their drivers have many challenges to overcome in their dynamic everyday work. One of them – little noticed, but still central – is the search for suitable parking spaces. This is a major problem, especially at night. On the motorways, long traffic jams form on the parking strip in front of the parking lots. As of 5 p.m., about 90 percent of all spaces are occupied. And those who manage to get a parking space after 5 p.m. sometimes can't leave directly when they want because the exit is blocked.

Spending a break in a car yard is not the alternative for all drivers. They are located no more than one kilometre from the motorway exit. But while the parking spaces on the motorway are occupied at some point and then calm returns, lorries are constantly coming in or leaving. As a result, the noise is high, the sleep is constantly disturbed. In winter, some drivers also have to run their vehicle all night if the built-in parking heater does not work.

Illegal breaks

Parking spaces are missing everywhere

Even in the wider area of the motorways, there is hardly a suitable place to stop or to rest longer. At the same time, however, drivers are required by law to take their rest periods on time in order to drive safely. As a result, they often deviate far from their route in search of a parking space and thus consume a lot of additional fuel. If they exceed the driving period or end up parking illegally, they may also have to pay fines for this. The fact that they often have no access to showers and toilets makes their well-being even worse.

Display in real time

App shows vacancies

With a mobile app, freight forwarders can help their drivers solve this serious problem. They enter their destination and departure time. A timer indicates when the allowed driving period ends. Based on their GPS location, driving route or city search, drivers can then find free and secure parking spaces. Safety is a very important factor. Because it happens again and again that parked drivers are attacked and the vehicles are robbed.

Supporting apps provide maps, a list view and navigation features. Filters can be used to further differentiate the search for parking spaces. For example, the user can only display places that meet certain equipment criteria in real time, such as:

  • video-monitored
  • fenced
  • floodlight
  • toilets and showers
  • wireless internet
  • petrol station nearby
  • Lorries washing plant nearby

In addition, reviews from colleagues help to make the right decision when choosing a parking space. If the break areas are reserved at an early stage, the forwarding company can integrate its locations into route planning and navigation, thus optimising the workflow for the driver.

Tour planning

Booking ahead

When mobile apps help drivers find the right parking spaces for their breaks on tours at home or abroad, this also improves logistics planning. It is quick and comfortable when a user only has to enter the starting point and destination of his tour – or can transfer the data directly from the workflow of his tour. Then a specialized software shows which stops along the route offer convenient and suitable free parking spaces. It is particularly convenient to book them in advance via the app and register them in the navigation. A monthly billing also reduces the administrative workload in the forwarding company, as the post-processing of parking tickets and documents is no longer necessary.


Find and reserve legal lorry parking spaces

Mobile apps that help find parking spaces - coordinated with driving and rest times - make a significant contribution to improving lorry drivers' working conditions. Relaxing breaks in safe surroundings ensure that they reach their destinations healthily and safely via motorways, country roads and through cities. In view of the important tasks that lorry drivers fulfil for our logistics, this point should be given greater focus in the future.

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