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Employee motivation: One app, easy to use

Good guidance and rapid assistance make work more fun

Drivers have to juggle a variety of tasks with a high risk of error in day-to-day logistics processes: securing cargo, navigating handling regulations, satisfying special customer requests. Mobile apps help them with their duties and are easy to use. That motivates drivers and gives them the satisfaction of a job well done.

The atmosphere in the freight forwarding industry seems harsh, but the gruff words often contain a well-meaning message. That’s not news to drivers and dispatchers; however, they can still get caught up in needless arguments about what needs to be done. Mobile apps help drivers to think of everything – and keep communications peaceful. They greatly boost employee motivation thanks to:

  • Ease of use
  • Quick sense of accomplishment
  • Clear guidance
  • Multilingual communication

Mobile apps, in other words, can play a big role in motivating lorry drivers to do their best every day, at every point in the process.


Clear guidance increases employee motivation

It’s tough feeling like you can’t do right by anyone. International lorry drivers know that feeling all too well when they struggle to understand the instructions given to them. It’s a classic catch-22: They can’t ask too many questions, but nor can they make mistakes. Often, the only option left to them is to hope that they’re somehow doing everything right after all. Mobile apps resolve this dilemma. They give drivers a fixed workflow to work through. And they do it in whatever language is needed – chats are even translated automatically in real time. That lowers language barriers and reduces the risk of mistakes and misunderstandings with clear, simple instructions. Plus, the apps place all the tasks in one single interface.


Tracking progress, making decisions

When drivers carry out trips and complete work steps in an app, they always receive system feedback in real time. They can track their progress in completing all assigned orders. And they don’t have to make routine decisions – the logic in the stored workflow does it for them. Using an if-this-then-that (IFTTT) approach, the app always produces a linear workflow for drivers and adapts it on the fly as users log completed tasks. This avoids user error and unerringly steers drivers through their workdays. In the process, it eliminates doubts and frustration caused by uncertainty. If questions do arise nonetheless, the workflow contains phone numbers for key contacts – and the drivers can call them directly with a tap on the screen.


Activity report generated during live process

Mobile apps have another advantage: They automatically log the steps that a driver has taken and confirmed, without any added effort. This detailed documentation puts paid to questions such as, “Are you sure you remembered to …?” Every step that generates a new status is automatically saved to the customer order. This produces an exact record of the steps and route taken on a trip – and lets drivers prove that they did a good job. The apps also strengthen regulatory compliance by documenting cargo securement and departure checks in a clear, audit-proof manner.


Highly motivated because everything works

Work is motivating when every workday is a success story. That has been the experience of lorry drivers who carry out their trips with a mobile app. They finally feel understood because the software speaks their language as well. In addition, drivers – as well as their bosses and dispatchers – can see for themselves that they did a good job. Customers benefit, too – through better-quality transport services.

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