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HABBL in mobile field service

Field service: everything under control

With HABBL Task, you manage your mobile field service team and coordinate all your orders easily and efficiently.

Service call planning and management

Perfect preparation

Need to manage trips for mobile employees, schedule appointments or provide unscheduled field service? HABBL Task helps you manage your work!

Always on point

Coordinate appointments and generate trips for your mobile field service staff in the HABBL online portal. The tasks are simply sent to your employee’s mobile device. This saves time and avoids unnecessary driving.

Everything on board

Before your mobile employees leave for the customer’s location, checklists in HABBL Task help them check their on-board inventory. If the employees have all parts they need, they can get started. If they are missing something important, they can send a message to the HABBL web portal directly from the HABBL Task – and the procurement process can begin.

When seconds count: instantly ready

There’s no time to lose when kitchen appliances, printers, copiers or other important machines break down. You can send urgent service requests right to the nearest available employee in the HABBL web portal and quickly get help to where it’s needed.

Quality assurance and documentation

Perfectly implemented

With HABBL Task, your employees know what to do – and you know when it’s done.

Provide maintenance manuals

HABBL Task supports your employees in the field. Send product information or repair manuals for the order. At the customer’s site, your employees can use checklists to verify completed maintenance or repairs to ensure that all required steps are completed and everything works properly.

Prepare work reports on the side

Quick, audit-proof documentation as an aside: HABBL Task stores data, pictures and information for every step. You can generate work reports using predefined text modules and input fields. HABBL Task also lets you archive acceptance reports and chat logs. Essentially, it generates proof of maintenance almost automatically.

Faster billing

With the data you receive from your mobile field service team, you can generate accurate invoices as soon as your customer signs off on the work. With HABBL Task, you receive all the reports and information you need in the HABBL web portal.

Enjoy perfect field service with HABBL Task in the following markets:

  • Auto glass
  • Vending machine maintenance
  • Electrical appliances
  • TV sets
  • Building equipment
  • Household appliances
  • Heating systems
  • IT services
  • Coffee machines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Machinery and plant construction
  • Roadside service
  • Plumbing
  • Safety engineering
  • Telecommunications


Digitise and monitor mobile process everywhere – in every sector, with every ERP



Assign work orders to mobile employees and track their progress or digitise inspection processes.

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