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HABBL manages orders

All data converges in HABBL – yours, your customers' and your partners'. On orders, trips and vehicles. Managing individual steps is very easy with your own digital workflows.

Monitor your fleet

Always keep an eye on your fleet. Our interactive map shows you the current position of the vehicles, whether they’re yours or belong to your subcontractor for the trip. In addition, you can filter and search all vehicles by company, dispatcher, driver or trip.

Points of Interest (POI) allow you to define important points on the map and add information to them as needed.

Every trip can be analysed retroactively. This gives you important information about the historical course of the route, the direction and speed, and the date and time.

Estimated time of arrival and arrival monitor

The easy-to-read arrival monitor quickly provides everyone – from the customer to the service recipient – with important vehicle data on the position, route and status of a trip.

At the onset of the trip, the estimated time of arrival is calculated automatically, and the information is displayed in the traffic light system.

Information about incidents and automatic notifications of missed time slots can be shared in real time and factored in at an early stage. This helps your employees and customers plan and coordinate connecting processes.

Real-time status

With HABBL, all order data is provided centrally regardless of where and how it was entered. All status information is available to everyone in real time to ensure the digital order management process runs smoothly.

Consequently, everyone – from the customer to the service recipient – always has the latest information. Automatic alerts for predefined event types support your communications and supply important information.

Mobile order management

It’s your call! With over 20 elements, you automate your manual processes and create digital workflows. At the same time, you automatically document every single step while maintaining a strong audit trail.

That’s because every single order and step – including related documents, photos, signatures and more – is stored as soon as it is completed. Even calls and messages can be recorded this way.

All this information comes together in the order monitor with a real-time status and can additionally be transferred to your current TMS and ERP software.

Manage subcontractors

HABBL handles mobile agile order management effortlessly. Even for your subcontractors. Assign them trips and other tasks with a simple click. To get started, users just have to click a link they receive by text message or email and download the free HABBL app and send the order with the specific workflow to the app. Then, the GPS data of their smartphones is used to determine their position and estimated time of arrival (ETA). Your order management system receives the same information as from your own employees. And you manage each of your subcontractors’ orders down to the precise location.

Assign tasks automatically

Simply send orders to the HABBL app, which stores all the necessary details and instructions for every single step. Your employee can complete them one item at a time, eliminating any chance for uncertainty. With HABBL, you are in charge of decisions since they are already stored in the process. And that makes mobile order management fast and precise.

Automatic documentation

Simple, quick and audit-proof documentation for every single step. It’s right at your fingertips with HABBL. Every single click in the workflow is stored and can be retrieved if necessary. The data in our interactive map and arrival monitor is stored as well, enabling you to generate reports automatically whenever you or your customers need them.

Messaging and file sharing

Office staff and mobile employees or drivers can send each other order-specific text messages through the messaging feature – but not while they’re driving: safety comes first. The messages and attached documents are automatically archived with the order. That saves time during mobile order processing and helps with digital documentation because all the messages and documents are stored automatically in the HABBL portal and can be sent to other operational systems.

HABBL listens to your process

You customise HABBL according to your needs in the workflow editor. This is where you create your custom workflows and set up everything the way you need it. For your orders, tailored to your customers. Use the drag-and-drop function to set up the logic HABBL uses to optimise your business. That’s because HABBL will create a process that improves your quality for every single order, product and customer. Optimised in every way and with as much documentation as you need. Just from your order data.

Drag-and-drop elements

Workflows in HABBL are created from the elements of our application, the order data from your integrated systems and flexible rules that manage your process. You bring all this into perfect alignment using drag and drop.

Integrated with your systems

A HABBL workflow does not live on processes alone but thrives on the order data that you use. We integrate HABBL seamlessly into your application environment so that you save yourself double or triple keying. Everything runs automatically!

Start out with templates

In HABBL, you don’t have to start from scratch. When we implement the solution for you, it will always come with a workflow that matches your process. This gives you the perfect template to further optimise your workflows on your own.

As transparent as possible –
As transparent as necessary

Share information at any time, whether you’re on the go or in the office. That way, your employees, customers and partners always know what comes next in your orders. HABBL lets you do this automatically with a rules-based engine. You are in charge of communications and decide who can read what information.

Work better together!