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HABBL for freight forwarders

Order monitoring in a nutshell

How to stay on top of things and make quick adjustments with HABBL

Order and trip management

Manage automatically:
Assign and monitor trips

HABBL lets you make rules-based trip assignments to properly trained drivers with the proper equipment. Plus, you always know the current status of the transport. It doesn’t matter whether you have your own fleet or use permanent or changing subcontractors. HABBL makes order monitoring across organisations easier than ever.


When you assign trips, HABBL automatically checks whether the driver is even authorised to transport all the goods to be transported – including driving licence and ADR certificate.

Resources check

With HABBL, your drivers check whether the vehicle will work for the trip before loading even begins. You can set a variety of verification criteria in the workflow: vehicle size, maximum permissible weight and required safety equipment or even the make of the lorry.

Fleet monitoring

Keep an eye on all vehicles

HABBL’s biggest strength is the big-picture view it offers to all the stakeholders. Its arrival monitor enables state-of-the-art order monitoring. And it only takes one look at the simple traffic light system to see whether your trips are on time: Green means everything’s going well. Yellow means the lorry might arrive before the pre-arranged time. And red means that the destinations can no longer be reached in time. HABBL sends this information out to you in real time.

The interactive map shows you a live view of all your vehicles on the trip, including information about past routes driven as well as data on speed and direction.

Yard management / dock management

Speeds up yards and docks

The speed of your logistics operations depends on more than speedy, reliable transports. It also requires clear communication and precise organisation in the yard and at the dock. This is where HABBL’s exact trip monitoring comes in. Not only does it enable you to punctually schedule vehicles for loading or unloading, but you can also keep order in the yard and direct the drivers. All in one app, clear and to the point.

Communication and documentation

Communication in one app

Chat and contact information

In HABBL, dispatchers and drivers can easily chat with each other – as long as the lorry isn’t moving. And if calls need to be made to the customer or consignee, HABBL will take the phone number from the order details.


If desired, the app can send notifications automatically once the lorry reaches a certain position.

Automatic documentation

HABBL automatically documents and links all notifications and conversations to the order – and even generates an audit trail.

HABBL Transport

Mobile order management for freight forwarders and
carriers with every TMS



Share the status of your trips with everyone in real time
and guide your drivers through your work orders with ease
and precision.

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