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HABBL for facility management

Every door closed, every nook maintained

HABBL Task makes coordination and inspection for systematic facility operation easier than ever.

Service call planning and management

Set and monitor standards

Assign employees, coordinate teams

Mobile instructions

HABBL Task makes the hardest jobs easy. It guides your employees through their tasks – one step at a time. It has never been this easy to do maintenance, cleaning and checklists.

Manage employees

You send tasks to your employees’ mobile devices from the HABBL web portal. Detailed workflows ensure that every task is properly completed and documented at the same time. Additional documents such as inspection plans or room lists can be linked to every order.

Service and emergency management

Manage local tasks with ease. Jammed doors? Broken, frozen or burst water pipes? Send your people to the incident site right away.

Automatic documentation

Fast, audit-proof documentation as an aside: HABBL Task stores data, pictures and information on every single step – and includes automatic reports and seamless documentation. Text modules and text entry tools help your employees generate performance reports.

Building equipment and maintenance

See clearly at the right time

Execute maintenance and repair schedules

Building equipment and installations

Power, water, heating and ventilation: HABBL Task protects you from equipment failures. Between maintenance schedules, care instructions, checklists and pictures, you will never forget a single detail.

Regular inspections

Digital inspection plans and in-depth documentation of damage and repairs help you maintain the fabric of a building and check its condition regularly.

Energy management

In energy management, you capture meter readings automatically and methodically. HABBL Tasks systematically organises equipment maintenance and uses pictures to document damage.

Cleaning and waste management services

Manage centrally: tidiness and cleanliness

Automate recurring tasks.

Cleaning schedule

Use HABBL Task to monitor your systematic cleaning schedule. Send room lists and cleaning tasks right to your cleaning crew’s mobile devices. Use checklists and work instructions to improve quality and safety. When you’re done, nothing will be overlooked. And you’ll make sure delicate surfaces and items are only cleaned with special cleansers.

Disposal management

With HABBL Task, you can take process reliability in disposal management to a new level. Automatically meet all your deadlines, guide your employees to all pick-up points and document the timely completion of all their tasks. And when you do, nothing will be left behind.


Manage security services professionally

Achieve maximum quality and transparency with checklists, photo documentation and signatures. They are perfect proof for your customers that you know your business inside and out.


Well-maintained grounds: Coordinate groundskeeping and snow and ice control

Automatically manage your snow and ice control activities – without dozens of phone calls. Send your people to clear snow-covered roads and iced-over walkways. HABBL Task can document that you have met your snow and ice removal obligations – and minimise your legal liability in the process.

Guide your groundskeepers with HABBL Task. Watering plants, pruning trees and mowing lawns, you can line up all their tasks, one step at a time.

Other facility management areas where HABBL Task is used:

  • Work safety
  • Fire protection
  • Catering
  • Spare parts supply
  • Property management
  • Inventory inspection
  • Real estate management
  • Quality management
  • Access control


Digitise and monitor mobile process everywhere – in every sector, with every ERP



Assign work orders to mobile employees and track their progress or digitise inspection processes.

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