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HABBL for drivers

All tasks in one app: HABBL guides drivers

Drivers can fully rely on HABBL – the app knows the way and what needs to be done.

Trip support

Guidance from the departure check to the proof of delivery

For drivers, it has never been easier to remember everything. Not only does HABBL show you all your tasks, it also puts them in the right order. And it includes intuitive document management and audit-proof documentation.


Never forget anything

HABBL shows you all the steps clearly, without room for misunderstandings. Even better, by requiring that every single task be confirmed, it prevents drivers from quickly skipping through them – ensuring that drivers really do think of everything with every order.


Truly simple

Anyone who uses a smartphone will know right away how HABBL works. No driver will need an IT training course. It’s that easy to use.


Always top quality

HABBL always shows the process and every individual task clearly and explicitly. That way, mistakes are kept to a minimum and your drivers always deliver top quality.


Structured driver coordination

HABBL puts an end to frenetic calls and toxic moods. That’s because the software adds structure to your communications with drivers. That way, everyone is in the know.

Making everything easier, from A to Z

Departure check

Lights? Check! Safety equipment? Complete and ready. Fire extinguishers? Recently serviced! Tyre tread depth? Perfect! – HABBL makes the departure check quick, reliable and thorough by documenting it automatically.


Proof of delivery in real time: Whenever consignees sign in the app, drivers have direct proof that they have made the delivery. It can be a signature or a photo of the original document. Documented quickly and securely.

Addresses and contact details

All roads lead to Rome! HABBL always takes you to the right Rome, whether the big one in Italy or the small one in Germany. That’s because the app shows drivers the precise contact details straight from the order, from the delivery address to the phone number for calling ahead.


One click for directions: HABBL automatically transfers the destination address in the navigation app – always using the driver’s favourite navigation app, regardless of who developed it. Once on site, HABBL knows exactly how to get to the dock – offroad, if you will.

Dock assignment

HABBL directs drivers to the correct dock if it has been communicated by the loading point. For drivers, that saves time and lets them drive in without stopping to sign in at the office.

Pallet exchange

Say farewell to pallet notes: HABBL lets drivers immediately enter the pallets they drop off with the consignee and the pallets they take back in exchange. This information is documented automatically and so can’t be lost. Photos also objectively document the status of flat pallets, cage pallets and more – which keeps the exchanged materials in much better condition.

Automatic documentation

Digitally document every step

Find, explain, justify: HABBL frees up drivers from the biggest hassles of their day-to-day routines. How? The app not only guides them every step of the way – it documents every single touch, too. With checklists, photos and signatures. And with fields for entering the results of phone conversations. HABBL doesn’t miss a thing! It lets drivers document how good a job they are doing.

Accident and damage reports

Stay cool in tough times

Stress levels can spike when something goes wrong. Luckily, that’s precisely where HABBL helps drivers the most. The app’s automatic workflows for accident and damage reporting make sure that all the important things get done: secure the scene of the accident, notify the police, document the damage with photos, take down the information of the other parties involved in the accident, and notify the insurance company. It does more than help you meet all your obligations. It lets you tap into all the benefits of digital claim processing – you always have all the information at your fingertips and can generate reports automatically. HABBL truly shines when it’s important to keep your cool.

“With HABBL, I have everything under control, know exactly what I’m supposed to do and can focus on what’s really important: driving!”

Dieter Liesener
Driver for the Schnug Logistic Group


Many languages – no misunderstandings

HABBL is as international as your team – the app knows every language (written from left to right). Drivers can perform every step in their workflows in their local language, no matter where they’re from. That prevents misunderstandings from arising in the first place. HABBL also stores every form of communication right with the relevant order, allowing you to easily verify all arrangements at any time.

Chat and contact information

Dispatchers and drivers can share important information by chat as long as the lorry isn’t moving. All chat messages are stored in an audit trail. On the rare occasion that a driver has to make a phone call, HABBL will automatically pull up the phone number to call and start the conversation with a tap. If desired, HABBL can prompt the driver to log the outcome of the phone call in his documentation.

Right where you need it

To make sure that important information is always taken into account, HABBL will show it right in the workflow – exactly where it is needed. This makes the process reliable, improves quality – and reduces onboarding times since new teammates can access special customer-specific knowledge and instructions from their very first day on the job. That makes teamwork easy.

What language? Every language.

HABBL can show all its content in any language (written from left to right) so that no information is lost. Once the workflow has been entered in every required language, users can choose a language to use with the workflow on their mobile device. The HABBL app automatically applies the preset country information.

HABBL Transport

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