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HABBL in the construction and contracting industry

Hand in hand, brick on brick

Transparent and perfectly coordinated: Build with HABBL Task

Site management

Define goals, record decisions

Site managers have wide-ranging, challenging jobs that require extensive coordination. HABBL Task supports many of the tasks that site managers face. You control, coordinate and monitor the construction work one step at a time and document everything virtually automatically.

Jobsite maestro

You manage the complete construction site from the HABBL web portal. You can assign jobs to in-house and contractors’ employees right in their mobile devices. HABBL Task supports individual tasks with GPS positions, geo-coordinates, call-aheads, offline navigation and photo documentation.

Everything in its place

Make sure deliveries arrive at the right place and right time. With HABBL Task, you benefit from all our years of experience in logistics. Even unsigned deliveries are reliably documented with GPS positions, time and date stamps, and a photo function.

Information from all channels

Document steps with the photo function. Resolve questions using the messaging and communication function. Quickly and effortlessly log conversations and archive the results directly with the order.


Mark the way

Realise your plans with HABBL Task.

Always informed

Send important documents such as construction diagrams or dimensions directly to the mobile devices of workers in various crafts. Share information on the completion of specific construction stages with HABBL Task so that work does not come to a grinding halt.

Here’s how

HABBL Task makes every job easy. That’s because the app guides tradesmen through their tasks, one step at a time. Never before has it been this easy to distribute construction diagrams, implement special procedures or share information between teams.

A promise is a promise

Did you agree to follow a special procedure or supply a specific quality of material? With HABBL Task, you can make sure that your employees or subcontractors do exactly what you promised.


Results you can trust

HABBL Task puts your work on a solid footing.

Construction site set-up

You will only build something that passes the final inspection if the job site is set up for state-of-the-art construction. With HABBL Task, you can meticulously document the condition and progress of construction from day one. For rock-solid results.

Built as planned

With HABBL Task, you can have people sign off on important instructions on a mobile device. Regular barcode scans and pictures document the materials used as well as the execution of the work. That way, your final report is generated almost incidentally for your client’s inspection and acceptance.

Seamless documentation

Fast, audit-proof documentation as an aside: HABBL Task stores data, pictures and information for every step. You can generate performance reports using predefined text modules and input fields. HABBL Task also lets you archive acceptance reports and chat logs. That means it generates the final report for your customer almost automatically.

Who builds with HABBL Task?

  • Auto glass
  • Vending machine maintenance
  • Electrical appliances
  • TV sets
  • Building equipment
  • Household appliances
  • Heating systems
  • IT services
  • Coffee machines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Machinery and plant construction
  • Roadside service
  • Plumbing
  • Safety engineering
  • Telecommunications


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Assign work orders to mobile employees and track their progress or digitise inspection processes.

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