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HABBL for carriers

Partners for freight forwarders – fully integrated

Carriers who use HABBL can be a true resource for freight forwarders – and that improves transparency and efficiency

Process integration

Running your fleet for others

Are you a carrier who uses your vehicles almost exclusively for freight forwarders? If so, HABBL will make you more effective. Fleet monitoring is incredibly easy with the app. Constantly track your vehicles and easily share this information with your customers. During active trips, the freight forwarder also knows your vehicle’s current location and estimated time of arrival (ETA). Speaking of transport planning, HABBL provides systematic, rules-based support from departure check to trip assignment to vehicle selection.

Quick access

HABBL makes everything easier for your drivers. From reserving a time slot to signing in or accessing plant premises – it’s all done automatically. That lets drivers focus on driving and dramatically reduces idle time.

Transparency made to order

With HABBL, your customers can access all the information they care about. They no longer have to start a game of “phone tag” to get a question answered. That takes transparency to an entirely new level.

Just plain simple

Nobody has to get “certified” to use HABBL – not you, and not your drivers. With only a few clicks, you can look up key information about your fleet without leaving the office. And the HABBL app walks drivers through their tasks, one step at a time.

Everyone in the loop

HABBL keeps everyone updated on the current order status in real time. That’s because every single step is directly and automatically logged. No phone calls or questions required.

Order management

Your orders at a glance

Live map

See the current position of all your vehicles on a map. You can also retrace the routes that the vehicles have covered so far, including speed and direction. They are shown right on the map.

Arrival monitor

HABBL knows all your orders and their current statuses: Are they on schedule (green)? Will they arrive late (yellow)? Or will they get there late (red)? To make this forecast, the software considers the route, current traffic (including possible traffic jams and detours), and driving and rest periods.

Proof of delivery

Proof of delivery (POD) is the most important document for shipping orders. It’s the basis for your billing, too. HABBL lets you submit PODs in real time and issue invoices for the trip. Just like your freight forwarding customer does.

Driver support

Know what to do – from day one

HABBL will fast become your drivers’ best friend. With the app at their side, they always know what needs to be done – from the departure check to the proof of delivery. And that means they can do their job perfectly from day one.


Quick installation

All you need to install HABBL from the Google Play store is an email or text message with a link. Then you can immediately get started working on order data.


Automatic documentation

Every touch in HABBL is documented automatically. That way, drivers can easily prove that they’ve completed all their tasks.


Precise guidance

HABBL shows drivers what they need to do, one step at a time. With precise instructions. That makes it easier to onboard new team members or assign tasks to stand-ins. Less training is required.



Call customers and consignees or receive new messages from the dispatcher: HABBL collates and automatically saves all the communications regarding an order. It’s easy when the contact details are right at your fingertips.

HABBL Transport

Mobile order management for freight forwarders and
carriers with every TMS



Share the status of your trips with everyone in real time
and guide your drivers through your work orders with ease
and precision.

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