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Achieve more with shared mobile workflows

HABBL is a mobile workflow management solution that lets you assign process tasks via drag & drop right to your mobile employees’ app.

makes processes digital

HABBL is the perfect tool for optimising processes between your mobile workforce and your office. The HABBL solution consisting of the workflow solution and the connected app is highly popular among employees, customers and partners because it simplifies workflows, controls processes precisely and provides instant transparency. And last, but not least: HABBL pays off and saves on process costs!

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HABBL guides drivers

Show your drivers the way – on and off the road. With the HABBL app, the task management software steers you through your individual workflows one step at a time.

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HABBL manages orders

Drive to customers with special equipment, meet individual requirements and always know what’s happening, minute by minute: HABBL manages your orders automatically. In optimum quality – which you can prove beyond a doubt thanks to a robust audit trail.

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for all your needs

Testing, documenting, signing, navigating, messaging and much more: Our workflow elements make HABBL the perfect fit for every mobile process. Select all the functions you need and combine them using drag-and-drop functionality. HABBL can do what you need done – and that’s why it’s always the right choice.

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Decision tree

Pallet exchange


The HABBL consultants

Getting started is easy! Our consultants will help you roll out HABBL: They’ll set up your system, integrate your data and optimise your processes. Benefit from our extensive experience in digitising processes!

Process analysis

Capturing your current modus operandi at work: We sit down with you to look at your existing workflows and analyse your processes.

Process optimisation

We don’t just map your processes; we also optimise them as we digitise them. Always with the goal to make you more efficient.


We support you with every step of the implementation for a smooth ramp up and stay with you until you are ready to start work.

Project management

From kick-off workshops to live operations, we manage everything technical and organisational.

for success

Wherever HABBL is used, workflows become simpler. Read our examples:

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How status communication from the truck improves freight transport.

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Paperless freight forwarding: pipe dream or tangible reality?

Lean administration and documentation reduce bureaucracy for transports.

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Faster claims processing with mobile apps

Damages are an exception in forwarding companies – nevertheless a standard process is worthwhile.

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